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With Paulan Export Services Ltd you get flexibility, pro-active solutions and a logistics and delivery service which is planned meticulously.


We recognise that the quality of our service plays a fundamental part in helping you achieve your objectives. As an independent logistics and freight transportation business with many years of experience, we have the ability and expertise to adjust to all your individual requirements.

Looking for high quality freight transportation in the West Midlands?

Paulan Export Services Ltd will take care of all your deliveries in a timely and professional manner; just get in touch with us today.

•  Import and export for full load containers

•  Groupage shipments

•  Air freight

•  European transport

•  UK transport

•  Container loading

•  Project movements

•  Warehousing

•  Customs clearance

•  EUR1 forms (movement certificates)

•  Certificates of origin

•  Courier services

•  Insurance


If you need anything else, just get in touch.

Working across the West Midlands, we can help with:

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